Moh Trucking operates a diverse fleet of flat deck equipment to meet your transportation needs. Through our Flat-deck division we operate with almost every type of flat-deck equipment possible to meet the customer’s expectations.

Our experienced flatdeck divisions service a variety of commercial industries from construction to mining to oil and gas exploration. We deliver to all accessible sites and provide door to door service. We specialize in the transportation of lumber, structural steel, pipe, and pre-cast concrete products as well as machinery of all types and building material, Roofing material.

We have a great deal of experience in the movement of large construction cranes.
We run a large modern fleet that includes 48' to 53' tridem and tandem flatdecks and step deck for your cargo needs.

We focus on the growth of strong working relationships with our customers so we can efficiently service all their needs. We offer 24hr/7 day/week dispatch.

Our Flatbed Division has tandems and triaxles trailers.

Tri-axle 53’ | Tandem 53’ | Tandem 48'

53,000 lb payload capacity Canada - Tandem
45,000 lb payload capacity U.S.A. - Tandem
62,000 lb payload capacity Canada - Tridem

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Whatever your business needs are, we have the shipping capacity and freight options to drive you forward. We always operate a modern fleet which is maintained by our trains one of the premier

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